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Good News | Tiancheng Controls Passed BAIC BJEV’s Designation Audit and was Selected as its Supporting Seat Supplier


Tiancheng Controls (TC) has passed the supplier designation audit of quality system and finished business negotiation with Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC BJEV"). Recently, Supply Confirmation Letter has been issued by BAIC BJEV, which means that TC has been selected as a seat supplier of the C46DB project.

The fact that TC passed the supplier quality system audit of BAIC BJEV  fully reflects its recognition of TC’s continuous innovation ability, research and development strength, product quality and production capacity in NEV seats.


Tiantai Factory, Passenger Car Division of Tiancheng Controls

Since establishment, TC has been deeply engaged in the field of vehicle seats. Through continuous technical research, new product development and market expansion, it has accumulated many years’ experience in product development and manufacture in the field of passenger car seats, especially in lightweight, intelligence, safety and comfortability of NEV seats. It has successfully cooperated with SAIC Group, Weltmerster Motor  and other NEV seat projects.

【In 2019, Tiantai Factory of TC’s Passenger Car Division was rated as a "Green Factory" by the General Office of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.C. Since the year of 2016, when TC entered the field of passenger car seats, it has started to build green factories and intelligent production factories by actively introducing and improving advanced production lines at home and abroad. With intelligent manufacture such as robot operation, automatic assembly lines and Internet operation, production efficiency and product quality are sharply improved and raw material waste is greatly reduced.】