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TianCheng Automobile Seat Technology Development Seminar


Zhejiang Tiancheng’s official website, May 10, 2021

2021 TianCheng Automobile Seat technology development seminar was held in TianCheng headquarters on May 10. This seminar specially invited reputable elites in the field of automobile technology research in China and senior professors from universities to join in the discussion. The experts present included Professor Zhu Xichang of Tongji University, Professor Xu Shucai of Tsinghua University, and Professor Wu Jianhua of Zhejiang University. Under the chairmanship of Mr. Henry Chen, the chairman of Tiancheng, they discussed with the technical experts of Tiancheng's R & D platforms. This seminar deeply discusses the future development of automobile technology, automobile seat technology and the research orientation of Tiancheng products!


Professor Zhu Xichan is reporting on "the development trend of automobile intelligence and the risk and opportunity of car seats"

In the seminar, we deeply discussed the revolution of automobile seat caused by automobile development trend, and made a systematic positioning for the development direction of Tiancheng intelligent seat. Formulate research and development plans for new technologies and products based on our actual conditions. We should transform from traditional manufacturing company to science and technology company, and that’s why we should make preparations for the existing work thoughts and methods to follow the transformation. Adhere to combine the product standards and production / learning / research development ideas, increase the value of our products through forward-looking research and development. Lay a solid foundation, innovate products, promote the development of platform, lightweight and intelligent, and speed up to catch up and enter the top international automobile seat enterprises.


Intelligent manufacturing and green factory

We now have 15 industrial bases, 3 global R&D centers, and 5+3 business section. Since the day of establishment, we have been focusing on the seats industry, continuously expanding our product fields, and striving to be the top three companies within ten years. Ours product functions and customer service have become industry-recognized benchmarks and our products which based on technological innovation will bring high added value to customers and high returns to shareholders.