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World's Professional Supplier of

High Value-added Seats



Tiancheng has been focusing on the chair industry, expanding its product areas, and striving to rank in the top

three of the world's chair industry in 10 years.Create ten billion days. Tiancheng should be the representative

of China's high-end manufacturing industry, not to take the competitive strategy of low quality and low price,

but through technological innovation.To achieve high added value and win world respect.




Provide comfortable and safe seats

Innovating Quality of Life with

Science and Technology



Making a good product is a social morality and responsibility for a big enterprise. Tiancheng concentrates on chairs.

We must strive for a more comfortable and safe chair, so that customers and society can enjoy better chairs.

Science and technology are the foundation of a natural existence. Without innovation, there will be no way out for

development, no social value and no industry contribution. Tiancheng has to use technology to create better seats,

so that consumers can experience better quality.

Core values

Customer Success, We Success



As a supplier of supporting products, the realization of our value must be based on the realization of customer's value, and the implementation of our mission must be based on the sustainable development of customers.

Every post and department within the enterprise should firmly adhere to this value, manage every detail of work with a strong sense of responsibility, and achieve the high quality of customers, the great development of nature and their own big future.



Toughness and enterprising



Achieve Enterprise Value with Toughness and Enterprising Spirit



Toughness is the key to facing problems and solving difficulties. In the face of any difficulties and obstacles, with our perseverance and persistent pursuit, we break through difficulties one by one and reach the top of victory.




Be enterprising

If you don't advance, you will decline; if you slow down, you will decline. Tiancheng never satisfies the present situation, keeps pace with the times with its customers, works with its employees to seek common development, and helps the harmonious progress of society.

Tiancheng Seven Management Ideas


Management philosophy

Standardized operation of

humanized management


Service idea

Take the initiative to follow up

and take the lead


Innovative idea

Originating from Practice and

Good at Learning


Employment concept

Choosing and Employing Persons

with Virtue and Ability

Quality concept

Adhere to Standards and

Pursue Satisfaction


Cost idea

Standard-based and



Production rationale

Professional Manufacturing and

Lean Precision