• Corporate vision
    World-class professional supplier of high value-added seats
    1、1. Rank the top three in the industry of seats with high additional value;
    2、2. We are a role model as universally recognized in the same industry in terms of products and services;
    3、3. Based on technological innovation, we can bring high additional value to customers and enable shareholders to have high return;
  • Corporate mission
    Provide safe and comfortable seats
    Innovate life quality through technology
    Tiancheng strives to create a healthy, pleasant working environment by supplying seats by means of technology, so that we may enable users to enjoy their work.
    Tiancheng commits itself to offering high-quality products and service to customers, bringing about a healthy and colorful stage to employees, and creating value for investors and the society and to obtaining sustained impetus while improving life quality.
  • Core values
    Customers’ success is our success.
    As a supplier of auxiliary products, the realization of our value is based on the fulfillment of customer value. The fulfillment of our mission must be based on the customers’ sustainable development.
    Customer relation goes through all our posts and processes. The following step is the customer of the previous process, and the appraisal on work performance of each post depends on customer's approval.
    Therefore, “customer success is our success” is the belief of all our personnel.
  • Corporate spirit
    Tenacity and progress
    Tenacity:Tenacity is the key to facing and solving problems. Before all the difficulties and setbacks, we have tackled problems one after another through great perseverance and persistent pursuit until we have reached the summit of success.
    Progress:He who does not move forward will lag behind. Slow progress will lead to recession. Advance with the times with customers, achieve development with employees and contribute to social progress.

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