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Tiancheng has been focusing on the seating industry with culture as the base, and constantly expanding product field and striving to rank among the top 3 in seat industry within 10 years. Tiancheng becomes a recognized benchmark in the industry in terms of product function and customer service. Technologically innovative products bring high added value to customers and high return to shareholders. 


    World leading seat supplier


    Provide comfortable and safe seats, promote life qualities with technical innovation


    Persistent and progressive

  • Core values

    Win-win strategy with customers

  • Quality

    Adhere to standards, Strive for satisfaction

  • Customer Service

    Initiative and Forward-looking

  • Cost

    Abide by standards, focus on execution

  • Management

    People-oriented, Standardized process
    and Results-driven

  • Production

    Dedicated to manufacturing,
    Lean production concept

  • Innovation

    From the practice,
    Through unremitting learning

  • Talents

    Selected by virtue,
    Appointed by capability

  • Integrity

    Integrity as the fundamentals for all our actions

    The first rule of action is the ultimate faith that Tiancheng employees should always firmly adhere to in our work and communication and as a member of the society.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork is the solid foundation of all our actions actions

    We belong to the same team. We cooperate and trust each other and devote enthusiasm to our team for the same goal to realize win-win.

  • Standardization

    Standardization is the guide criterion for all our actions

    We keep the standard in our mind and guide and examine work with it. Establishing, improving and creating standard is an important part of our work.

  • Commitment

    Commitment is to be accountable for all our actions

    We keep our promise and have responsibility for ourselves, the company, customers and the society. We achieve our cause together.

  • Excellence

    Power of quality

    Pursuing excellence is a progressive spirit. We constantly strive for excellence and adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship to provide products of quality.

  • Gratefulness

    Gratitude is our philosophy of life

    As a member of the society, family and organization, we take responsible and are always grateful.