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  • Working Place: Tiantai, China
    Division: Technological Research and Development Center
    Seniority: over three years
    Job Category: Technology
    Educational Background:bachelor’s degree or above
    Number of Recruitment: 2 persons
    Salary: discuss personally

    Job description

    1. Design and develop seats, be responsible for designated seat supply and develop suppliers. Meanwhile, utilize quality management tools and guarantee design and development quality;

    2. Be responsible for checking the structure, movement, safety and comfort of seats and analyze the generated problems for improvement;

    3. Be responsible for the continuous improvement and VAVE of seat systems and quickly respond to the after-sales design-related quality problems.

    Job requirements

    1. Machinery, vehicles, materials and other relevant specialties;

    2. Skilled in 3D/2D design software;

    3. Master the technical standards and design regulations for seats and the development processes;

    4. Have good skills at execution, communication, coordination and problem analysis and solving. 

    Resume delivery: Contact Person: Ren Weili     Telephone: +86 18339285952     E-mail: