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Focusing on Customers to Realize Customer Values with Leanness and Accuracy | Nanjing Tiancheng was awarded Excellent Supplier by NAC Group


Nanjing Tiancheng Controls Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Tiancheng) participated in the 2021 annual supplier conference held by the Logistics Department of Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as NAC Group), and won the Excellent Supplier Award with excellent achievements.


NAC Group is a key manufacturer of large automobiles in China and a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION LIMITED.

SAIC Group is a key strategic customer of Tiancheng Controls’ passenger car business. Around SAIC Group's Nanjing base, Zhengzhou base and Ningde base, Tiancheng Controls (TC) has established Nanjing factory, Zhengzhou factory and Ningde factory, all of which have started mass production. Nanjing Tiancheng was established in 2017, which has assembly, welding and other production lines and intelligent equipment. With NAC group as the core, Nanjing Tiancheng supplies passenger car seat accessories, whose business involves ROEWE I6 series, Morris Garages and other domestic and export models of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles (NEVs).

Nanjing Tiancheng always adheres to the core ideology of "win-win strategy with customers" of TC, focuses on customers, follows up in an all-round way, takes customer satisfaction and success as its own responsibility, and ensures the timely delivery rate of 100% for three consecutive years. The award of Excellent Supplier shows NAC Group’s recognition of Nanjing Tiancheng’s integrated service system before, during and after sales.

In the field of passenger car seats, TC has the strength to support the world's top NEV enterprises. The lightweight technology of its automobile seat products with newly developed carbon fiber composite and aluminum alloy frame enables TC to take the lead in the industry of automobile seats. Compared with world renowned enterprises, TC’s automobile seat products not only meet the demands of main engine plants in terms of quality and performance, but also have advantages in cost performance and strong regional service capacity.