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Tiancheng Controls’ New Chapter in NEV Intelligence | 1st batch of JAC M116 Project Seats Came off the Production Line


Recently, a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the JAC M116 project production line coming off of its 1st batch is held in Xuzhou Tiancheng Controls Automobile System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter XZTC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tiancheng Controls (TC). Attendants include Mr.Qi Jun, Deputy GM of JAC’s Purchasing Centre, Mr.Liu Jiangbo, President of Intelligent Network Institute of Technical Centre, Mr.Xiong Zuguo, Operation Director of TC’s Passenger Vehicle Division, and Mr.Chen Shiqi, GM of XZTC, etc.


With a close partnership with JAC, our business has expanded from construction machinery & commercial vehicle seats to new energy passenger vehicle seats. With the excellent ability in technological innovation, production and service, XZTC won JAC’s recognition.

(XZTC is the headquarter of TC’s Automobile Lightweight Project located in Huaihai Economic Zone, covering an area of 80,000㎡, which is specialized in the R&D and manufacture of automotive lightweight products and NEV seats including lightweight components such as aluminum alloy bodywork, seat frame and NEV seats, which have been supplied to OEMs located in Jinan, Shandong, Hefei, Anhui, Nanjing, Jiangsu and Zhengzhou, Henan, etc. and services are offered accordingly.)

Since the supplier nomination of JAC M116 Project, with excellent technical strength and innovation ability, XZTC project team never stops optimizing design solutions, improving production process and strengthening quality control to ensure high quality and reliability. Meanwhile, we are fast in response to meet the demands of JAC and provide them with bespoke solutions to meet various requirements. At present, the 1st batch have been successfully delivered.


Faced with the ever-changing market demand, TC has always been committed to technological innovation and product upgrading, strengthening the building of R&D team and improving the technical strength and innovation ability. In terms of NEV seat intelligence technology, TC has accumulated rich experience in R&D and production, and has numerous customers.


In terms of innovation in intelligence, TC has a lot of leading technologies, which include R&D and application of intelligence in adjustment, perception and safety. With the introduction of advanced sensors and control systems, intelligent adjustment function is developed, which enables the seat to automatically adjust itself according to end-users’ build, sitting postures and driving habits to provide personalized comfort. Meanwhile, TC is also committed to the development of intelligent perception technology. With sensors and intelligent algorithms integrated to the seat, end-users’ physical health and driving states can be monitored real-time to ensure safety during driving.


In terms of manufacture capacity, TC is highly vertically integrated. Throughout the manufacture from parts to complete seats, the process can be efficiently controlled, which ensures stability and reliability in product quality and Takt Time, and quick response to customers’ demands. In the meantime, a great attention is paid to environmental protection and sustainable development of the production process. We will actively promote the technology of green production, and endeavour to make more contributions to sustainable development.


In terms of the market, Tiancheng® seats have been widely recognized by customers. Numerous intelligent NEV seats, integrated with intelligent functions including massage, heating, ventilation, legrest, lumbar support, etc., have been developed, which have been widely used in NEVs of many partners and provide end-users with a driving experience with more comfort and convenience. In addition, Tiancheng® seats are also high in quality and have a long life cycle, which can meet customers' strict requirements in reliability and durability.


The successful ceremony of M116 Project marks a closer cooperation between TC and JAC.


Adhering to the development strategy of technological innovation, product upgrading and market expansion, TC will continuously promote the intelligent upgrading of NEV seats, so as to supply high value-added products to customers, and provide end-users with a driving experience with more comfort and intelligence.