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Tiancheng Controls Attended Volvo NEVs Vehicle-Component Event


On July 22, Volvo New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) Vehicle-Component Event of Zhejiang “10 Industry Chains, 100 Events, 10,000 Enterprises” Series Activity hosted by Taizhou Municipal Government, was held in Luqiao, Taizhou.


The event provides a platform for face-to-face talks on industry chain supply-demand exchange between OEMs and component  enterprises of Taizhou NEVs. Tiancheng Controls (TC) participated upon invitation with lightweight seats and intelligent seats.

Lightweight Seat Research and Development

TC has developed Mg-Al alloy car seat frame, whose back and cushion panel is made through integrated die-casting, which reduces the weight by about 20% compared with traditional steel seat frame and can be widely used in high-end electric vehicles. With innovative carbon-fibre products – achievement of constant research and development – and processes of integrated mold pressing, thermosetting and injection molding, seats can be lighter and safer without sacrificing strength and can be widely used in all kinds of industries, leading its future development trend.


Intelligent Seats

TC Passenger Car R&D Center adheres to the R&D concept of independent innovation, and takes intelligent interaction, intelligent regulation, intelligent emotion, intelligent scene and intelligent health as its design guideline to meet consumers’ pursuit of driving and riding comfort. Self-developed "Comfortable Multifunctional Power Seat" is a multi-patented 8-way adjustable power seat with memory function, and is equipped with functions of heating, ventilation, 4-way power lumbar support, massage and 4-way manual adjustable headrest to improve the driving comfortability. On the high-performance passenger car seat, more seat positions are available for adjustment to achieve comfortable ride experiences.


The NEVs event of “10 Industry Chains, 100 Events, 10,000 Enterprises”, which is organized by Taizhou Municipal Government, provides Taizhou local auto parts enterprises with a platform for vehicle-component talks and cooperation. With market-leading lightweight and intelligent products and technical strength as a supplier of world's top NEVs enterprises, TC will enable the development of Taizhou NEVs industry.

TC Passenger Car R&D Center, located in Shanghai, China, is one of the 3 R&D centers of TC Technology Research Institute of passenger car seat design and development. It is in charge of passenger car seat development, including whole seat development, seat frame development, seat parts development, covering development, seat tests and seat FEA simulation, etc.