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Auto Shanghai 2023 | Tiancheng Controls’ Multi-faceted Display of Intelligent, Lightweight Seat Products and Cutting-edge Technology


Tiancheng Controls appeared at the 2023 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition running from 18th to 27th of April, showcasing intelligent and lightweight seat products and cutting-edge technologies in many aspects to help build an automobile industry ecosystem with sci-tech innovation and integrated innovation as the key drivers.


Intelligent Cockpit YZYD Zero-gravity Seat

"Embracing the New Era of Automobile Industry."

In the era of intelligent cars, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit are the two main trends of carmakers at present, whose investment aims at intelligent cockpits that matter greatly in ride comfort and has become the most important part of consumers' in-car experience. With the continuous technical iteration of the cockpit, Tiancheng Controls’ YZYD zero-gravity seats are in line with this trend.

The core of the zero-gravity concept is "zero-gravity posture", which originates from NASA's research on the natural posture of the human body under microgravity: astronauts’ arms raised, shoulders stretched, knees bent, hips obviously bent, and feet bent. NASA believes that astronauts need muscle effort to adjust to any other posture while floating. Since such a posture can minimize muscle strength, the posture mentioned above is defined as a zero-gravity posture.


Passenger car seat R&D team of Tiancheng Controls adopts a bionic ergonomic design for the YZYD zero-gravity seat. The backrest design of the double-S curved surface can better fit the human spine, and the double-butterfly-wing design can better support and protect the shoulders and legs. The adjustment range of the seat is maximized physically, which ensures ultimate comfort for the human body with 132 degrees between the body and thighs, and somatosensory reactions of different occupants can be automatically analysed, so as to achieve higher-dimensional driving comfort. In terms of functions, a 3-layer laminated foam design is adopted, which provides occupants with soft and long-lasting elastic ride comfort and support, effectively minimizing the vibration during driving. Meanwhile, the seat is also equipped with ventilation & heating, lumbar support, massage, independent sound field in headrest and other recreational functions. In terms of safety, good side lumbar support can reduce the drivers’ displacement from the seat caused by centrifugal force while making turns, reduce the pressure change between the human body and the seat support, ensuring the safety and comfort of occupants.


Innovative R&D of "Magneto-Rheological Damper" Intelligent Cockpit

Safety, comfort and intelligence have become the optimal goals of intelligent automobile seat design. Considering both human body and the bodywork, Magneto-Rheological damper seat can reach the maximum damping force faster, so as to better control the suspension and mitigate the weight of human body and attenuate the vibration caused by bumpy road impact, so that good driving comfort can be ensured for the occupants.


Application of Carbon Fibre in Automobile Seats

Carbon fibre is one of the main applications of automobile lightweight. Compared with lightweight materials including high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and high-performance plastic, etc., carbon fibre and its composite materials have better physical and mechanical properties. In terms of lightweight, Tiancheng Controls built a carbon fibre factory in 2020, specialising in the research and development of carbon fibre-related high-end materials, the production, processing and research and development of aircraft/automobile seat carbon fibre frame and bodywork lightweight components.


In addition to the lightweight brought by integrated moulding, and streamlined appearance, the luxury carbon fibre sports seats displayed have a high performance, which has a life cycle of 6-8 years longer than that of metalic seats. In the face of unexpected situations that may be encountered during driving, it can withstand strong dynamic shocks, which greatly reduces the damage caused by seat deformation or fracture.

Pursue Excellence and Continuous Innovation

During the Auto Shanghai 2023, Tiancheng Controls showcased its overall business to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, whose products including intelligent cockpits, carbon fibre lightweight seats, magnesium aluminum alloy frames, core-parts and child seats got many a patent. In the new era of automobile industry when cockpit will undergo a continuous technical iteration, we will keep innovating, pursue excellence, and provide technical services and solutions that will exceed customers’ expectations.