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The use of child safety seats has been included in the "Law on the Protection of Minors" Since June 1st │Caring for children's road traffic safety is one of the goals TIANCHENG strive for!


Children's Day is a happy holiday for children!

For those with children, did you value children’s road traffic safety?

Please do not ignore the importance of road safety in their growing up. According to relevant data, there are totally 10,000 children aged 0-14 who are injured or killed by road accidents in China every year.


Since June 1, the use of child safety seats has been included in the “Law on the Protection of Minors”. Among them, Article 18 clearly stipulates that guardians should "take measures, such as providing child safety seats, educating minors to abide by traffic rules, to prevent minors from being injured by traffic accidents.

 Safety Seat  is the most effective safety equipment to protect the children in the car! For families with children, have you installed child safety seats in your car?


To protect children's safe travel, Tiancheng Controls established a research and development center for child safety seat in Shanghai as early as 2017, and jointly developed the "ventilated child safety seat" with the British Acro aerospace seat R&D center. The "ventilated child safety seat" has made an amazing appearance at the 18th CBME(Child-Baby-Maternity Expo) International Exhibition.


18th CBME(Child-Baby-Maternity Expo) International Exhibition

Tiancheng Controls fully masters the relevant standards for child safety seat research and manufacturing, and combines the years of advantages in seat research, development, production and sales to analyze market key points, introduce aviation-grade comfort concepts, and follow ergonomic design principle, combined with the innovative cooling system, realize the concept of comfort with three dimensions of structure, function and material, break the monopoly of technology in Europe, America and Japan, and strives to create a comfortable and safe children travel space for families around the world.




 Child Safety Seat  Security Technology 

Tiancheng is ahead of the market's first-level side impact protection system technology for the safety of child seats. It adds a side impact secondary protection system to the child safety seat. When a side impact occurs, the impact force acts on the outer cover and passes through the outer cover plastic. The deformation of the piece absorbs part of the energy, and after it is transferred to the overall DSP ejection mechanism, part of the energy is absorbed by the shear deformation formed by the ejection mechanism and the shell. After two energy absorptions, the force transferred to the child's head is extremely small.


 Child Safety Seat  Comfort Technology 

Tiancheng is committed to solving the industry's pain points such as hot, unventilated seats, and the baby's unwillingness to sit. Now Tiancheng is heading for higher desires rather than only meeting basic requirement. In response to the industry problem of "baby being sultry and unwilling to sit on", Tiancheng introduces the National Torch Program , national invention patents and advanced equipment such as human body pressure point sensor testers, and initiatively apply comfort technology and aviation-class comfort concept in the field of child safety seats. 3 years of research and development, nearly a thousand tests, and that’s how Tiancheng strives to create a more comfortable and safe travel space for children.


 Child Safety Seat  360 degree rotation Technology 

Tiancheng adopts 360-degree rotation technology for the convenience of child safety seats. The cockpit of the child seat can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. The seat can be used for children from newborn to about four years old. It can stay on the side facing the door of the car, so that parents can help their children to get in or out. The 360-degree swivel seat with front support legs can be used in general household sedan and compact two-box vehicles. The 360-degree rotating child seat is easy to use, especially for small babies. Because they can rotate, they can directly push the child into the seat by opening the door.


Good safety seats can bring children aviation-class comfort ▼


It is Tiancheng's social responsibility to create safe, comfortable and convenient child safety seats! The use of child safety seats has been included in the "Law on the Protection of Minors" from June 1st. Legislation is a guarantee for comprehensive protection of children’s safety in vehicles. Technology and products are the basis for caring for children’s safety. Children’s safe travel depends on parents’ safety awareness. Families with children, please choose and use child safety seats reasonably. Tiancheng Controls continues to create child safety seats, adheres to product standards, and joins hands with industry, academia and research parties to further promote children’s safety in vehicles, build social harmony and beauty, and build a more solid barrier for children’s lives.